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 March 16th, 2009

MonoDevelop Keyboard Shortcut overview - 2

Mono Develop Keyboard Shortcuts

Ever watched an experienced programmer flick through code like there is no tomorrow? That is what caffeine addiction does to you. If you think that normal scrolling up and down isn’t fast enough you will find that a good development environment offers many keyboard shortcuts to let you work ever faster.

Keyboard shortcuts allow for things like indenting a selection, making it uppercase or lowercase, commenting it , jumping between bookmarks and moving lines of code up and down. These can be real time savers.

I was looking for a printable overview of available keyboard shortcuts for MonoDevelop but couldn’t find one so I have created my own.

If you are running a standard Linux distribution you will probably still be using the 1.0 version of MonoDevelop. If you compiled MonoDevelop 2.0 from source then you will be pleased to discover many new shortcuts. As the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 is significant I have made separate tables for the both of them.

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